Shipyard Agency

Shipyard Agency

In recent years Turkey has increasingly tapped into niche markets, which in turn has led to a growing participation by Turkish shipyards in the international trade in new ships. In parallel, there has also been strong growth in the marine equipment manufacturing sector, which could increasingly also tap the export market.

The industry has modern, quality certified shipyards that can build ships, yachts, mega-yachts, and sailing boats, as well as carrying out extensive repair and conversion works. Turkey’s shipyards are mainly located in the Marmara Region, namely Tuzla, Yalova, and Izmit, which have developed into dynamic shipbuilding centres.


Our services at shipyards as follows :

  • Full Shipyard Agency Service
  • Dry-docking & Repairs
  • Providing Gas Free Certificates
  • Issuing Re-newed Ship Certificates
  • Underwater Survey Arrangements
  • Crew Change including Immigration Formalities, Meet and Greet Service at the Airport, Hotel Accommodation, Shore Pass Arrangements


  • Cash to Master Delivery Service
  • Fresh Water & Provision Supply
  • Bunker / Lub Oil Supply Arrangements
  • Sludge / Slop & Garbage Collection
  • Delivery of Ship’s Transit Spares & Stores
  • Motorboat & Car Services
  • Medical Attendance of Crew Members