Port Agency

Port Agency

ALİZE Chartering & Shipping Agency Ltd.  (ALİZE AGENT) who has adopted perfectionism as a principle since the day it was established and continued its works based on “Absolute Customer Satisfaction”.

We provide well-organized, proactive, smooth and highest quality agency service for our clients. As an experienced and well-resourced shipping agency, we can not only pre-empt any potential issues, but have an established and streamlined process in place that you can have confidence in.


The following is a basic outline of what we will take care  for you under a Full Agency Appointment :

  1. Acknowledge the appointment with accurate estimated port costs, relevant port and berth information and the vessel’s expected schedule.
  2. Fully inform the Master and Ship Operator about all requirements relating to Customs, Health Authority, Immigration Police, Harbour Master, Port and Terminal requirements.
  3. Advise and update relevant parties about vessels’ impending arrival; including Customs, Health Authority, Immigration Police, Harbour Master, Port Authorities, Terminals/Ports and Shippers or Receivers.
  4. Prepare draft copies of cargo documents according to relevant party’s instruction and forward for checking prior to the vessel’s departure, to ensure no delays to the vessel.


At Port

  1. Attend the vessel upon berthing and ensure the Master, terminal and Stevedores are all aware of the cargo and vessel requirements while at port.
  2. Provide daily updates of the vessel’s progress to all parties; including advice of any potential problems that may delay the vessel’s departure from the port.
  3. For vessels loading, ensure maximum cargo is loaded within the contract tolerance and ensure maximum drafts are attained by constant communication with the terminal and vessel.
  4. For vessels discharging, provide assistance with detailed planning of port / terminal rotation, to achieve optimum vessel turnaround attending pre-discharge survey with authorities, when applicable, ensuring availability of original Bill of Lading or Letter of Indemnity (LOI) is passed to all parties for approval.
  5. Attend the vessel prior to departure, to ensure correct cargo has been loaded or discharged. Also ensure all documents are completed correctly and that the timesheet is accurate.



After the vessel has completed its port visit and departed port, we:

  1. Immediately email all cargo/statement of facts and ship’s documents in .pdf format
  2. Dispatch all cargo documents by courier accordingly
  3. Dispatch disbursement accounts with original invoices as soon as possible


If you inquire about our port agency services in the planning stages of your shipment, we can provide the best advice.

Based on our long-term experience we are often able to provide helpful assistance in stages before you might think you need our services.